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Habitats on Farm – A look at how plant communities support natural biological controls.

Five Features of IPM – Everett Dietrick's key features for sustainable IPM program.

Corn the King – Sparsely interplanted hills of corn will help attract and nurture sets of predatory and parasitic insects beneficial to biological control of many different market crops.

Monitoring Insect Ecology – Insect ecology has multiple meanings. However, we will define it for this discussion in the context of a grower wanting to profit from crops.

Deke's Obituary – Everett Dietrick is remembered by his colleges, friends, and family.

Deke's Truck–Vac – An article from the Imperial County Farm Bureau Monthly: May 1957

Acres USA Interview – A candid interview with Deke in the Summer of 1996 for Acres USA Magazine.

Farmer to Farmer – Another candid interview with Deke this time in July 1994.

Seasonal Chef Interview – Deke talks about what it means to be a pioneering Entomologis.

War on bugs – The VC Reporter Chronicles an Insight into Rincon–Vitova.

Beneficial insects 1973 – The Press in Riverside cover Deke's work in this 1973 article.

Training Materials

Deke's Insect Foodweb Collage – A collage demonstrating the foodweb that emerges from deomposing organic matter.

Deke's Letters

Published Papers

Biological Control By Farmer Insectaries

Argentine Ants Must Be Suppressed

Biological Control: An Ecological Approach To Pest Management For Farms, Ranches, & Gardens

Commercial Production of Entomophagus Insects and Their Successful Use in Agriculture

Integrated Pest Control – Theory And Practice

Diversity and Refugia Make Biological Pest Control Work