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R E A D I N G  W E E D S

a book, in process, exploring the indicator value of weeds in agriculture

All material copyright 2001 Ron Whitehurst




Preface On Going Back to the Land, in Style, with Computers

How to Use This Book

1. Introduction to Agricultural Weeds as Soil Indicators

2. Moisture and Water Indicators in Field Conditions


            Riparian (Waterside)

            Spots in Fields and Microclimate

3. Compaction Effects and its Plant Indicators

            Plow Soles and Soil Handling

            Paths, Roads, and Tire Tracks

4. Nutrient Indicators

            The Biggies (Macronutrients) N, P, & K

            The Minor Players (Micronutrients)

            Trace Elements

5. Other Less Common Indicators in Agriculture

            Salts and pH

            Ways of Measuring

            Salts Involved

            Types of Areas Where Problems Occur

            Minerals, Ores and Heavy Metals

            Geological Ore Deposits

            Pollutants and Industrial Waste

            Bugs, Nematodes and Bacteria

            Ways to Sample

            Effects on Plant Growth Rates

            Toxic Materials

            Allelopathic Relations Between Plants

            Herbicide Indicators

            Air Pollution Indicators

6. Ecology of Weeds

            An Ecological View of Weeds

            Weeds, Bugs and IPM, an Interview with Everett Dietrick

            Managing Weeds to Decrease Insect Pests

            Insectary Plants to Attract the "Good Guys"

            Weeds That Offer Sweets for Bees

            Biocontrol of Weeds, Weeder Geese

7. Use Those Weeds!

            Forage and Silage

            Soil Improvement, Weeds to the Rescue!

            Herbs and Fiber Plants

8. Weed Vignettes

            Short pieces on select California weeds that illustrate the information that is available

9. Reference: Indicator Value of Common Weeds

            Information on 500 of United State's more popular weeds.





This is a work in progress. I am interested in any contributions of information on indicator value of weeds from your experience or from others. Contact Ron Whitehurst at or mail to;

Ron Whitehurst

PO Box 2506

Ventura, CA 93002